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i'm concerned about america. this election is over, but our principles endure. i believe the principles upon which this nation was founded are the only sure guide to a resurgent economy and to renewed greatness. like so many of you paul and i have left everything on the field. we have given our all to this campaign. i so wish, i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction but the nation chose another leader and so anne and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. thank you and god bless america. you guys are the best. thank you so much. thank you. thanks guys. >> reporter: you know see on the stage now that mitt romney's wife anne, his five sons, their spouses and 16 of his 18 grandchildren who have been across the street in a hotel watching the returns tonight have all joined him on the stage. now he told us earlier in the day that he had only written one speech when he came into boston on his campaign plane this afternoon and that was a victory speech. obviously he did not give that speech t
chanting death to america. each hostage was carefully held at the bus until the student cheer leader could organize another round of cheering. the faces of american showed guarded emotions running from bemusement to irony to downright anger. for 14 months they'd been captive it must have been hard to believe this was truly the beginning of the end. for some hostages the realization began to sink in as soon as they walked through the door of the algerean airliner. in fact, it was here parked on the runway that the hostages became returnees. the first step began when the negotiators shifted responsibility from the hostages out of iranian's hands. as more americans came on board more smiles began to break out and reunions began to be savored. it was a likely scene, not like that of a tourist ready to start their vacation. but one of someone who had been held captive after 444 days. >> that's great. that's great. >> it is no secret that president jimmy carter had wanted to make the announcement that the long ordeal had ended himself as one of his last piece of business. >> word came at 6:47 t
join with you to pray for him and this great nation. thank you and god bless america. you're the best. >> now, you saw him joined on stage with his wife, his children, his running mate. the party is over. most people have gone home, but today, it is now tuesday -- or wednesday, and the business beginnings. the hard business of trying to heal this country and bring the nation together. reporting live. ktvu news. >> hundreds and hundreds of students came out to watch the returns on the big screen. been there all evening. debra, what did they think of the president's acceptance speech. >> they loved it. applauded through out. >> the big crowd is now gone. make no mistake. they are celebrating. [ cheering ]. >> that was the ex-static reaction from this koud of students. shock, zreems, hugs, cheers. this left leaning campus had worked hard on voter registration. especially for prop 30. but clearly the emotion of this night was reserved for the president. >> this is the first election where we can vote. so we're watching the screen and thinking our vote matters to reelect the president. >>
of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. >> the president and his family spent the night in chicago. they will return to the white house though this afternoon. there was also a very large receive brace filled with chants and cheers at sprawl plaza. for many students in the crowd they are excited this is their first time to vote. >> it's been a long time waiting. it was a really long line. and it took awhile to get through there. you feel like you did something. it's definitely worth it. >> cal campus residents hall posted polling stations. students in berkeley were still in line to vote though after the polls closed at 8:00 p.m.. >>> time now 5:03. as you heard mitt romney lost his bid to become president but during his concession speech, he urged the nation's leader reach across the aisle and work together. the former massachusetts governor made that concession speech just after midnight after he called president obama and congratulating him on his victory. romney told the supporters he and running mate paul ryan gave everything they had to
? > > you know, one thing, we're not looking for a lot of infantrymen in corporate america. but we are looking for the things that the infantryman is trained in - are they good at logistics, are they good at task-oriented missions? can they take the discipline they learned in the military and translate that outside? if they can take those pieces and translate it into civilian speak, they will do well at the home depots of the world, where they're looking for those kind of team leaders. > > civilian speak. their resume has to be in civilian speak too. > > absolutely. a perfect example: how do i take 28 years of blowing things up as a combat engineer and put it in two pages of what corporate america wants? for me, you look at three things: you look at money, you look at men, and you look at material. money, how much of a budget did you control? how much money did you make for your company or save for your company? men - how many people did you supervise? and finally, material - what kind of stuff did you supervise? how many trucks or how much stuff did you ship out? those three thing
% last year. corporate america is holding on to its cash, tightly. a new report reveals 40 of the largest publicly-traded companies plan to hold back on captial investments for the next two years. overall, business investments are down for the first time since 2009. it's attributed to fiscal cliff fears on capitol hill. corporate america has been one of the most public groups to urge congress to avert going over the cliff. reportedly, the corporate sector has started protecting its profits much like it did during the financial crisis. the housing market continues to heal. existing home sales and home prices both edged up in october according to the national association of realtors. sales of previously owned homes rose 2.1%, exceeding economists' expectations. the median price of those homes climbed 11.1% to $178,600. additionally, the number of homes on the market decreased 1.4% to 2.14 million, the fewest since december 2002. the gains are said to have a positive effect on consumer confidence and spending. 26 billion dollars - that's the amount big banks say has been given to help strugg
on this trip through south america. they were able to condense the trip into this 6-minute video. á spectacular videos. >> it is like a highlight reel for the world. >> the images are pretty incredible. >> they took their dslr and were able to document this magnificent experience. >> that is a wide variety of huge cities. the glaciers juxtaposed with sun flowers. >> they deserts and covered it all. via skype we have one of the guys that went on the trip, vincent. how long was your entire trip? >> the first one was three months. we had to go back to kysp'y for a while and then went back for a three-week trip. >> we started traveling through asia last year and then did south america this year. >> were you setting out to docu anything specific or goingut to have a >> we were going out to have a good time and did that for fun. >> you saw pretty incredible sites. >> you can feel the water and the winds and it is loud. nature just hits you right in the face. >> how were you able to get around from place to place? >> we have a land rover. >> were there ever moments that you were afraid in different co
a choice between two ditts or two parties. it's a choice between two divisions for america. >> president obama is also attending rallies today in ohio and iowa while governor romney is making his final push in ohio and florida. at one point, the two will only be seven miles apart, holding rallies in columbus. >> if you believe america should be on a better course, if you are tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote for a real change. >> reporter: rot claims a second -- mitt romney claims a second term threatens the american american. both campaigns are ex-- threatens the american economy. a research poll shows president obama edging ahead with a 3- point lead. a rasmussen poll shows romney up by 1. another poll by -- poll by cnn shows both candidates in a tie. >>> thousands of local voters will not be heading to the polls. that's because one of them have already cast their ballots. ktvu brian flores spoke to some of them. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. i just got the -- i just got off the phone with the directors or -- >> back to the line. >> reporter: voters in the bay area are
congress as america approaches the fits cal clinch. >>> and trouble on eastbound 24 and find out why westbound 24 is a mess headed the other way. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, november 7th. this morning, the state of florida remains too close to call but president obama has more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win re- election. the race was called after the president captured several battleground states including ohio, colorado, wisconsin and iowa. [ cheers ] >> thousands of supporters cheered as the president, first lady and their two daughters emerged at the victory party. >> while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> president obama and his family spent the in chicago. >>> mitt romney made his concession speech just after midnight. romney said he and paul ryan gave everything they had
five election cycles is the decline in -- white voters. america is changing. more african americans, more latino, more asian, more my majorities in the country. this year 72% of all votes cast were cast by whites. the number of hispanic, african american, and females was up across the board. >> and --. >> young voters as well. >> that was another thing that would be key to the election. would the young voter numbers be such that they were during the last cycle in? last time 17% was young people. this time from the best of our knowledge 18% was 18 to 29. >> this president was possibly beatable and this -- as i said -- earler he has defied history. i would argue that what -- we just didn't think he would find those new voters to match his game in 2008 with all the people who were disspiritted were going to stay home. he found them. >> he did and ed henry, been following the obama campaigns live at become headquarters. >> it's starting to reach pandmonium. we knew ohio was critical to romney finding a path to put together 2 many 0 votes. that's now gone. its clear the president
think the only place in america where a state actually said let's raise our taxes for our kids, for our schools, for our california dreams. >> reporter: now the biggest support was in liberal san francisco, santa cruz, and alameda county. while the largest was in the northeast tip of the state. it's expected to raise an average of $6 billion a year for the state's general fund and education. i'm tara moriarty. >>> competing measure proposition 38 went down in defeat. you can see right there on your screen. 72% said no. 28% said yes. it was bankrolled by millionaire attorney and would have raised the taxes of middle and upper class if households. >>> we are tracking breaking news. firefighters are looking into the cause of a house fire. i want to take you to the scene that is on marion drive. here's a live look. you can see quite a bit of activity out there. two people who live in the home say they were awakened by the flames. they managed to grab their four children and get out of the house safely. >> my husband and i and my three-year-old we were asleep in bed and we just saw -- i just
the odds of america falling off the fiscal cliff. in today's cover story, retailers turn the clock back on black friday - all the way to thursday. plus, damages continue to add up following superstorm sandy. what you can learn to protect yourself from future natural disasters. and, is apple's break-down causing some market jitters? first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's friday, november 9th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: it's another downer for the stock market. the dow tumbled more than 100 points yesterday, falling to its lowest level since july, mostly due to uncertainty about the future of the u.s. and global economies. groupon shares fell 13% after the close on earnings news. revenues were up, but the coupon company had a net lost of nearly 3 million dollars. profits were up at disney thanks to espn and growth at theme parks. and priceline is set to buy online travel company kayak for $40 per share. how low will this market go? ben lichtenstein of joins us
as a souvenir. >> how bad is it? >>> we appreciate firefighters very much here in america. they put their lives in danger and we thank them for it. in the uk, it's a little different, at least with a group of people. look at what these guys did. what you just saw is a young deadbeat throw a brick right at this fire truck in manchester in england. apparently this firefighter was responding to a fire call. to trash cans had been lit on fire and they went to put it out. once they were done, about to leave, they saw a group of people that they thought were just young hooded, up to no good kids. but instead of driving towards them. they decided to just back up. when they did that, these guys started charging at the truck and they started throwing bricks. rocks at it, causing damage to this fire engine. >> so these kids, they're saying that these young people set the fires to bring the firefighters out so they can throw things at them? >> exactly. >> i talked so some of the firefighters and they're just as appalled as we are at the whole thing. >> we're here to help you. we're here to look after your
. >> there are only like seven in there. not like it's a big, old full pot. >>> people across america of using the mychannel feature. way to go america. >> today the funny baby version of "right this minute" by channel uploads. >> first baby, from mesa, arizona, this is adan, not even a year old. adan just got out of a bath. mom, erica, was going to feed him, but adan's fighting off a little nap. >> he just got out of the bath. warm. got his jammies on. ready to go to bed. >> so adorable. trying to fight it. jerks that head back up. up know what? that's just so comfy, i'm just going to lay my head down. >> now, our next little funny baby video uploaded to our mychannel feature is little aaron. about 18 months old and mom melinda uploaded this video for us, and aaron is eating in his high chair, but aaron forgot where the food was supposed to go. this is chocolate pudding. >> that age,s that is exactly where food goes. >> and aaron's like, what? what? what's wrong? >> it's like a work of art. like interprettive eating. he may be a little bit of a ham. playing it up for the crowd. he knows every
. >> the sign says believe in america and tomorrow night mitt romney will find out if america believes in him. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and in 12 minutes a huge ruling in california that reveals the money trail behind a donation from arizona. where it leads to and why someone could be in serious trouble. >>> the two candidates for president aired more ads this year compared to the last two elections. >> the number of ads aired during the general election campaign passed the 1 million mark last month, from june through october, they responsered more than -- sponsored more than 1 million ads. it is 41% more than 2004. millions of americans have already voted and their voting in record numbers. we will show you the line here in florida. officials across the country reporting long lines. in some states half the people who voted in 2008 already cast their ballots. >> goinggoing to get in as soon as possible so i know i voted. >> crypt anything to prevent from voting -- i didn't want anything to prevent me from voting. >> 27% more have voted than 2008. >>> a new poll f
. this will be the second strike this month. nurses at two san jose hospitals operated by hospital corporation of america will also walk out tomorrow. they have hired replacement nurses. >>> man arrested at oakland international airport for wearing a suspicious watch will not face charges. today the district attorney declined to file charges against john i am -- against him. he is an artist who made this watch and he was told that it was okay to wear on the plane. >>> deputy accused of robbing a bank is out on jail. ktvu's david stevenson looked into this and is here with what he learned. >> reporter: we were first to report on the arrest of a sheriff's deputy at this jail. we learned today what may be ahead for him. >>> there was no answer at the home today. the 36-year-old is the bank robber seen in this bank robber photo. he was arrested friday morning and charged with felony burglary -- felony and burglary. he made bail and left the jail. >> my expectation would be that an officer or a deputy who is unfortunate to have these allegations against him or her would be treated the same. >> reporter: he re
/11, and as you can see, most people aren't even familiar with these images. >> don't get -- >> america, afghanistan come to this and they get airplanes from the united states to attack. >> we now finally have adam plets, the man behind the video via skype "right this minute" from beirut to tell us more about the process of making this incredible documentary. >> we're thrilled to have you on the show. first of all, what made you want to create this video? >> well, it came out in a conversation with syrian, they started telling afghans america put a man on the moon. the reaction from the guy he was speaking to was one of hysterical laughter. it got me thinking, what else might they not be aware of. >> were you surprised what you found out, even though you had a good idea what you may here? >> surprised to the extent. it's kind of understandable they wouldn't know about it, because these guys pretty much live in a media vacuum. that's pretty much the norm throughout afghanistan. you're away from the big cities. >> how did they react amp you told them what these photos were? >> a lot is lo
to the united states of america and, then, we can outline what actions might be taken. but, first, condemn it. >> chris: let's talk a little bit, you already led us in that direction, to the cease-fire, the fragile cease-fire worked out this week between israel and hamas. how fragile is it? what do you make of it? and, you know, we saw the longer-range iranian missiles that had been smuggled into gaza and were fired at tel aviv and jerusalem, which raises the question, if israel takes action against iran's nuclear program, what is the threat they face from right on their border in gaza? and, from the lebanese border with hezbollah? >> i think they face a significant challenge, with hezbollah, because of the tens of thousands of missiles that are in southern lebanon. i also think that the iranians will continue unless they see that there is a price to pay, which argues for the united states and israel to establish red lines and say the iranians, you cannot cross that and as a result of the leck and receelec recent events, the president and the prime minister of israel's relationship dramatical
to afghanistan and was said to leave the marine corp. in just two months. >>> at 10:30, honoring america's veterans and those who died serving our country. one blue star mom's hope for everyone this year. >>> the bakers union is on strike tonight at hostess brand bakeries across the country. as jana katsuyama reports the company that makes everything from twinkees to sour dough bread is in danger now of folding. >> reporter: workers chanted on the picket line near a line of delivery trucks idle and empty. >> we're taking the sacrifices for the mistakes of the ceos. >> reporter: most of the plant's 70 workers are joining a nationwide strike. 6,500 members of the bakers union walked out. hostess bound which makes twinkies, hoho bread filed for bankruptcy. and a court deal is not so sweet. it involved 80% pay cut, no over time or holiday pay. >> at least half of these people were supposed to retire this year and last year and they weren't able to retire because of the stop in the pension. >> i have three kids, i have two kids and one girl. i have two in college right now. >> reporter: today
defense system. u.s. lawmakers are closely following the developments. >>> the united states of america has got to push as hard as we can to resolve this israeli/palestinian issue. so many events are making that process go forward. >> senator mccain goes on to believe he thinks the u.s. should send a high-ranking official. >> this is the first visit ever. coming up at 7:15, the other history-making stop on the president's stop. >> three people have been arrested now in connection with the death of a homeless man in santa cruz. police say the body of the 51- year-old victim was found late saturday night. he was pronounced dead at the camp site south of depot park. shortly after police say they found the suspects, jeremiah long, michael hudson and shaland gonzalez. they were booked for murder. the oakland tribune says the police union filed a harsh critique in court. the union also claims internal affairs investigators resulted in injust -- resulted in unjust charges. a judge will hear arguments about whether to appoint a federal receiver. >>> volunteers are preparing to serve holiday mea
and adolescents. >> we must protect america's tiniest consumers. >> reporter: about half of the 200 toys had problems. they include this piece of plastic fruit which could find its way into a toddler's wind pipe. this action figure contains an unlawful amount of lead. >> there was 180 parts per million. the current standard is no more than 100 parts per million. >> reporter: powerful magnets that can be swallowed for children. >> when two magnets are in a child's abdomen, because they're so strong they'll find each other. >> reporter: noisy toys can cause hearing loss in children. >> this guitar tests at 93- decibels. 85-decibels is the maximum recommended strength. >> reporter: the hope is warnings about common and not so common hazards will prompt parents will be more careful. >> we posted the entire list of toys on our website you'll find it by clicking on hot topics and choosing web links. >> the man behind elmo has resigned. today sesame workshop announced the resignation of kevin clash citing the controversy around his personal life as a dismissal traction. a 24-year-old man
of america branch in the city's richmond district. is he scheduled to be arraigned and faced robbery and second- degree burglary charge. >>> it has been a deadly holiday weekend on northern california roads. tonight investigators are looking into a horrific crash that killed four people, including two children. the victims were in two cars that collided last night on highway 50 in el dorado county near placerville. we get new information about the crash from ktvu's patti lee. >> reporter: heather, late this afternoon a chp spokesman says three people killed in the crash are from san francisco. they are presumed to be a family with one survivor, a 10- year-old girl. chp investigators are trying to determine why this prius crossed over four lanes ever highway 50 into the path of an oncoming minivan. the collision took place near placerville just after 6:00 saturday night. >> several have been flown to area hospitals, others have been ground transported and of course we have the for the fatalities. >> reporter: only one child survived. a 10-year-old girl who was seriously injured. the
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. >> thank you mark. 441 is the time, the death toll keeps rising in central america. >>> and another arrest of immune trip dice driver -- muni bus driver, we will have more on the suspect police are still looking for. . >>> welcome back, we are looking at the death toll on guatemala near the mexico border. the 7.2 quake hit yesterday and was felt as close as mexico city and a number of buildings collapse and at least 100 people are still missing. it is making it very difficult to find victims with mudslides. >>> on the night of the -- on the night the giants won the world series, he was booked on felony charges including vandalism. they also released another photo of a person, he is seen smashing windows with a skateboard. also arrested a 21-year-old man who is accused of vandalism on nancy pelosi's home. he was allegedly breaking into another home once on monday and then again on election day and investigators do not believe it was politically motivated. >> sal, how is traffic, we are getting close. >>> we are doing nicely around the bay area and let's start off north bay and no major prob
fog could be really, really tough. a lot of rain lately. >>> time now just about 6:11. the america's cup boats are bigger, faster but are they better? changes now being looked out after the oracle team's boat flipped over. >>> what paula broadwell is telling friends and neighbors as she returns home with her husband. >>> look at that. something just blew up. >> video of friday's oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico captured on video. how that crew just happened to be there when it happened. >>> look at that. something just blew up. >> yes, it did. >> this is new video of the deadly oil rig explosion that happened in the gulf of mexico on friday. that is a film crew that was shooting an episode of a fishing show when the blast happened. and their cameras just happened to be rolling. 11 people were injured. one worker was killed. >>> it's been nearly four months since the chevron refinery fire in richmond. one environmental group says people are still at risk today. coming up at 6:32 the meeting to address pollution control improvements in the east bay. >>> time now 6:14. afghan p
questions about whether america's cup is pushing speed limits too far. what racing officials are rethinking in the wake of oracle team's crash on the bay. >>> look at that. something just blew up. >> new video of that deadly oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico that happened friday. how this camera man was able to record it as it happened. >>> good morning, north and southbound 880 looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an
center. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america organized the save the dream event to help people keep their homes. bank of america, chase and others met with homeowners working to lower their interest rates or lower the principal. >> i have been through a divorce and desperate to change -- lower my interest rate. >> i 82 82 -- i couldn't believe it, they took my loan down to 2%. >> save the dream continues through next monday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >>> a loss today because of weakness in the upperren markets. sun power posted a lost of 41 cents a share. they estimated a loss of 21 cents a share. before the report was released stock closed up 25 cents a share. on wall street today, positive reports on jobs, manufacturing helped push stocks up. the dow is up 136 to 13,232. the nasdaq is up 42 at 3,020. the s&p is up 15 to 1,427. >>> in or out? yes or no. >> governor jerry brown gives voters an ultimatum, we ask if there is another way. >> i am back here at 5:20 p.m., the valley fog returns tomorrow morning, which areas, which highways will have the most fog. i will see
fought campaign. >> the romney family chosen to give back to america through public service and that is the legacy we honor tonight. >> reporter: instead of a narrow victory, president obama scored a decisive win in the electoral college and he acknowledged the volunteers that helped make that possible. >> to the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics. [ cheers and applause ] >> we love our president. he did an awesome job. four more years. >> glad to have him back. >> it is a wonderful night. >> the president says he is looking forward to reachingitute republicans to solve problems -- reaching out to republicans to solve problems. >> it is better the second time around. always better the second time around. >> the crowds are going home, the party is over, the president returns to washington, d.c. for another four years. the question is, will he find cooperation that he talked about in this speech. in chicago, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> mitt romney made what many people called a gracious acceptance speech, it was not a speech accepting th
. stick with the winners, stick with large-cap u.s. growth. > > go with america is your theme. > > absolutely, because i think the world is really going to be watching these election results, and what typically happens is americans get behind each other together and move forward, and i think we're going to get to a really strong finish for the year. > > that's a very positive thought. i think i'll leave you right there. that's matt shapiro, president of mws capital. thank you matt. some women tend to be more charitable than men. an indiana university report on philanthropy shows baby boomer generation women and older donate more money more frequently to charity than men. analysis found that men tend to think about donating to non- profits as a "financial transaction," while women enjoy the benefits of a relationship with a non-profit organization. the number of americans living paycheck-to-paycheck is starting to show signs of improvement. according to a survey by careerbuilder, 40% of workers report always or usually living paycheck-to-paycheck, versus 42% in 2011. the percen
up the tax code we know we're going to get more economic growth. it'll bring jobs back to america. it'll bring more revenue. >> reporter: with their starting points for negotiations defined both parties agree a deal must be reached or the economy will fall back into recession. >> i was encouraged to hear speaker boehner agree that tax and revenue is a priority. >> reporter: in washington, nicole collins fox news. >>> more details on that so called fiscal cliff. without action bush era tax cuts would end. including the child tax credit and earned income tax credit. billions of the dollars in automatic spending cuts would kick in including money for education, food inspections and air travel safety. >>> the dow industrials closed up four points the nasdaq gained nine. but for the week, both of those indexes ended more than 2% lower. >>> the unexpected resignation of cia director david petraeus. general petraeus is best known for his leadership in the post9/11 wars. he had served as c -- cia director for more than a year. >>> senator dianne feinstein called loss of petraeus a loss. >>>
the san francisco bank of america branch on november 7th is believed by police to be 36-year-old senior sheriff's deputy phillip chung tong. he earns between 79 and 1 hun thousand tlrs a year. he was arrested this morning after investigators went to his specific home last night. >> also a search warrant for his arrest also issued. >> a ktvu investigation of tong's background today turned up a significant string of creditors and later as co-owner of a san bruno gun shop. a woman filed a civil suit against tong last year claiming he was not selling her guns as promised. tong countered that the plaintiff owed him money for firearms he helped sell. >> i don't have information as far as weapons being sold from us or any background on what he did before. >> other documents we uncovered indicate tg holds assets of about $50,077,000 but is more than $7 hun thousand in debt, including $80,000 owed to a former business partner he worked with at san francisco hybrid farms. tong filed for bankruptcy in july. tong could face as much as eight years in state prison if found guilty of the charges. >> w
actually hurt the economy. that's next. america, you deserve a break. studies show americans get an a + at working hard, but are failing at taking vacations. sara gavin, director of public relations for expedia joins us this morning. good morning. why are people not using their vacation time? > > thanks so much for having me angela. you are exactly right. america is starved for vacation. we do this survey every year - we surveyed 22 different countries - and there are some things we wouldn't be surprised at. europeans get much more vacation than americans do. but for the first time, this year, we have an alarming trend: we are actually at the bottom of that barrel. for the first time we actually fell behind japan in terms of number of vacation days. so, last year we got 14 and took about 13. this year we only got 12 and we're only taking 10 days, leaving 2 on the table even though we get fewer days overall. > > is this good or bad for the economy? > > it is actually awful for the economy in two ways. on the one hand, hospitality and tourism really drives the economy in a lot of c
mulholland of china-america capital joins us now. good morning to you tim. it is the final trading day of the month. what do you anticipate? > > i think more of the same we've been seeing. the market seems to think it has a lot of resilience. we bounced earlier this week off of the 200-day moving average. s&p down around 1382-3 level. we are now near the post-election highs, which, end-of-month buying, typically book-squaring and so forth, typically leads to higher prices, so i would probably expect that, albeit interrupted by headlines regarding the fiscal cliff. > what is your reaction to a lawmaker who wants to put an extra tax on high-speed trading? what do you think about that? > > i think it is short- sightedness. i don't mean that as any real criticism, but when you look at it, they really want to arrest the problem. it should really be on cancellations. the speed of trading isn't- in my opinion, isn't really the issue. speed should be competitive and whatnot. as long as everyone has the same fair advantage to that, i think that's what the key is. putting a tax on a broad level,
to be arraigned on charges of robbing a bank of america earlier this month. they found his fingerprints on a ransom note and saying he recently filed for bankruptcy. >> they will begin accepting police officer job applications starting tomorrow. you must be at least 20 years old to take the police officer examination. there is no maximum age limit. applicants must be a u.s. citizen. you need a valid driver's license and can not have any felony convictions. >>> the city of antioch is trying to entice officer ises to transfer from other agencies. they will consider amending their contract with the public system to come up with the formula that could have officers retouring earlier. right now the city has 14 vacant police officer positions to fill. >>> a controversy at a public school. certain things are offensive and should be beened. >> this black smoke could be seen from shore. this was a 80-foot yacht. >> waking up with cloud and fog -- clouds and fog this morning. we will have what you can expect for sunday, coming up. to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we bu
tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. can you help me with something? nope! good talk. [ male announcer ] or free windows 8 training when you buy a computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade. when you buy a computer at staples. [♪] >> we'll continue to exercise with prudence and self-restraint while defending our citizens against terrorism. >> chris: israeli prime minister netanyahu making it clear his government will not allow hamas to keep firing rockets into israel. and, it is time for our sunday group. bill kristol of the weekly standard. bob woodward from the "washington post," as well as the author of the new book "the price of politics", kimberley strassel of the "wall street journal" and charles lane also from the "washington post." i think we'd all agree when militants are raining missiles down on your country, any government is going to defend themselves. on the
devastated . >> reporter: the thousand mile wide storm america's biggest ever left tens of thousands essentially homeless. national guard troops still rescuing the displaced. >> telling us two days before power here and i lot of the first floor. >> reporter: surreal scenes in new york stanton island a boat washed onto a street. in manhattan flooded underpasses looking like still this house caught on fire as floodwaters dropped and power came on sparking a gas leak. owners returned to damaged homes and businesses. >> makes you want to cry because it's just something you never expected to see and you work so hard for. >> reporter: homeowners in new york's breezy point neighborhood returned to what's left of their homes. 11 home burned to the ground after winds snapped power lines. some said they were lucky, insurance covers fire damage but almost nobody had flood insurance. reporting live. john fowler. ktvu. >> the storm that sent wave across the east coast is being felt by relief agency offices in the bay area. fema's area 9 is head quartered here in oakland. so far a ten person te
and mortgage. >> this free event is put on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america. it helps homeowners with unaffordable mortgages restructure their loans. >> we have contracts with all the major lenders and investors to motive the mortgages, that is why we are successful. >> all the major lenders are at the event and meet with homeowners face-to-face and work to lower interest rates or reduce the principal owed. the ceo says 80% of the people who come to their events with the right paperwork in hand leave with affordable solutions the same day. >> i could not believe it. they took my 6.5% interest only loan i had from country twied down to 2% principal and interest, that dropped my payment from 2700 a month to 1700 a month. >> he was so pleased with his help he convinced his son to come get help. >> i am very optimistic so far from everything my dad told me, because he went through it and got his interest rate lowered so why not, you know. >> you should bring a month's worth of pay stubs and those things. this eveptd is held there through monday. doors open at 8:00 a.m. and
. >> i'm going to reach across the aisle and meet with democrats who love america just like you love america, and there are good democrats like that. >> romney is expected to attend rallies in ohio and wisconsin tomorrow. >>> president obama received a big endorsement from new york city mayor michael bloomberg. he used this week's storm to highlight the president's warning about global warming. >>> the victim's wife says she still hasn't been allowed to see her husband's body. >> wilbur bartly's family shared photos and put out a plea. >> this is such a sad sad moment. not because of just what's been taken from us but because it's been taken from everyone else. >> reporter: so they want answers including his widow. >> i don't have any information about my husband, i haven't seen him since he died. i cannot view his body because it's a homicide. >> reporter: a homicide which pushed howard jordan to stand with the family explaining how last summer he met the business owner. >> i'm here today to personally condemn that senseless act of violence against this man. this man was more than j
of china america capital joins us now from the trading floor of cme group. good morning, good to have you on the show this morning on this jobs friday. > > good to be here. > > what do you anticipate as far as the numbers? > > looking at the adp report wednesday and yesterday's jobless claims report, expectations are probably on the high side. my expectation, for whatever it's worth, and i really don't think it's worth that much no matter what comes out, but 140,000. as long as we're north of 120,000, 140,000, i think it will be ok. the key is going to be the unemployment rate itself, which eyes will be focused on given the sharp drop it had at last month, and it's expected to uptick one or two basis points to 7.8%, 7.9%. so i think that's going to be real key to watch as well. > > and it turns out that consumers are confident. consumer confidence coming in at a four-year high. what do you make of that? > > i think that consumer confidence really goes with the market itself. granted that we have avoided a summer in which things could have turned very bad, and now i think we're looking at
in america and tax penalties on companies outsourcing jobs, to raise the quality of education to create a better skilled workforce, and further investments in clean energy as well as investing in jobs that repair u.s. roads and bridges. he also wants tax breaks for the middle class or people earning less than $250,000 per year while raising taxes on the wealthy. governor romney is calling for tax breaks for the wealthy and the middle class in 20% across the board, deep cuts in services and social programs, and eliminating corporate regulations. his job creation plan includes oil drilling. twelve years after the 2000 presidential election, which involved a recount in florida and a lot of concern over "hanging chads," many states have converted to electronic voting machines. but as our cover story explains, a lot of states use e-voting without paper back-up - including some of the so-called battleground states. according to verified, a non-partisan advocate for accurate and verifiable elections, pennsylvania, virginia and colorado are among more than a dozen states where some
this election will help america move forward, and i would like to see a lot of positive momentum going into the christmas santa claus rally season. > > you may get that, there may be a big relief rally when all of this is over. we'll all be relieved, matt. good to have you on the show. have a good day. > > thanks. coming up tomorrow, we will take a look at stocks and sectors that are pro-governor romney and pro-president obama. from all of us at first business, happy election day. . >>> the unusual move one presidential candidate is making today as they head to the pole. >>> three people are behind bars this morning after the death of a baby in marin county, what the coroner found that led to their arrests. it is all on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning, it is election day. >> it seems like it is going to be nice weather. >> today will still be sunny nice to warm and we will lose a little bit of that offshore component it will not be that night but we have big changes later in the week, here
california to show compassion. >> even if guilty, that is not what america stands for. we are setting a trend, is that what we want to stand for as americans. i said no, we want to put people to death but not put our children through school? this makes no sense. >> reporter: meanwhile, we spoke with mark who is a staunch opponent of proposition 34 and he said in terms of cost it would not save the state money and instead it would tap into the fund he released this information money used by supporters and not only does this eliminate justice crime victims are looking for but for him this is a piece of legislation that is personal and could be a public safety issue. >> there is no humanity in bleeding for the lives of these monster, they never once considered the lives of their victims, whether it was a child or lady or cop, they did this because they are killing machines. >> reporter: a recent field pole however suggests it needs more work in order for this to pass but if it does pass in california, others would follow and so far other places do have the death penalty. ktvu channel 2 news. >>
party. >> big day for big change. we're about to change america to help people in ways they didn't imagine they could be helped with good jobs and better take-home pay. >> reporter: he thanked campaign workers and tried not to interfere with them getting out the vote. >> i feel great today. it's a great tradition. i'm really excited to be here. >> reporter: now, take a look at this. that shows just how important the battleground state of ohio is to both sides. at the leave and airport this afternoon on the same tarmac at the same time, you see romney and ryan's twin jets and air force ii carrying vice president joe biden. this could be a very long night, but we'll be here until the end. reporting live in boston, rita williams for channel 2 news. >> some polls in the country have already closed. six states are starting to count votes. indiana, kentucky, georgia, vermont, and virginia are done. we are watching this vote across the country. right now the focus is on virginia, the first of nine so- called swing states. >> and the most critical state of these early swing states. virgi
are every forever will -- we are every forever will be the united states of america. >> the president and his family spent the night in chicago will return to the white house this afternoon. >>> mitt romney lost his bid to become president but during his concession speech he urged the nations leaders reach across the aisle and work together. he made that concession speech just after midnight after he called president obama and congratulated him on his victory. romney told his supporters he and ryan gave everything they had to the campaign. >> i so wish i would have been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader so ann and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and this great nation. >> romney also thanked his wife, sons, his staffers for all their support. and then his running mate paul ryan. ryan returns to congress after voters in wisconsin reelected him to represent wisconsin's first district. >>> more than a dozen congressional districts up for grabs in this election. as the numbers came in we saw decisive victo
. >> airlines is taking no chances with the storm. they canceled the flights. and virgin america and jet blue have announced cancellations. so far a total of 18 canceled flights for both arraying and departing planes between the two airports as well as philadelphia. >>> one of the big issues on the ballot in the south bay was an up crease in the minimum wage. >> we are joined live from san jose to find out what what people will think and whether it will hurt or help the economy. >> reporter: they pay the workers minimum wage. they are not happy about the increase. but some people who are struggling to make the ends meet are thrilled. >> reporter: she is a single mom. she was trying to support her son making $8 an hour. >> she is part of a group of students in a sociology class who gathered signatures who put raising the minimum wage on the ballot. >> it is amazing to know that students started this. we believe that people who work hard. play by the rules get this. >> 59% of the voters approved this. they allowed minimum wage to increase from $8 an hour to 10. low wage workers immediated more
for america's troops half a world away. facing a war in the persian gulf. fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>> today is veteran's day here in the unite. 23 years ago, ktvu visited with american service members in the persian gulf as they prepared for war with iraq. in the days before widespread internet, people were eager for news in home. >> reporter: on the persian gulf sit american warships and on warships is the mercy. its 900 crew members thinking about their mission here at home, perhaps about home. perhaps about when they will get to go home. when the helicopter launched out, people came out to look. as we wandered one of decks a week old newspaper was devoured by hungry checks. there's
the next time you shop. ways corporate america plays on emotions to get you to buy, buy, buy. that's next with bill moller. why do we buy one brand of bread or cereal or a car over another ? is it quality? reputation? price? maybe it has something to do with our psychological and emotional needs. let's talk about this. "empathetic marketing" is a book by dr. mark ingwer. he's a consumer psychologist. 85% of all consumer decisions, he says, are made based on a emotional factors. so it's not the rational choices we make. explain how emotion has so much to do with our buying habits. > > firstly, it's not simply what i say, it's proven by neuroscience. there is so much data to identify that what we are doing actually is unbeknownst to us. it is very similar to how we connect to people. it all comes down to something that we call empathy, feeling a deeper connection. and that is ultimately what differentiates good marketers, good products, good services from the ones that... > > so it's the subconscious connection we have with a product it sounds like. > > absolutely. it's like people, people
company john mcafee says he has no plans to surrender to police in central america for questioning in a murder case. police in belize call mcafee a person of interest in the death of his neighbor. mcafee denies any involvement in the death. he told wire magazine he has changed his appearance. mcafee sold the santa clara company years ago and has not been involved with it for years. >>> the man who accused kevin clash, the puppeteer of elmo of a sexual relationship recanted his statement. the puppeteer admits he had a relationship with the man but said they were both consenting adults at the time. clash took a leave of absence from sesame street on sunday just before the allegations were made public. >>> renewed its declaration of a public health emergency due to medical cannabis. the city has been renewing the declaration since 1998 as a way to boost its policy toward medical marijuana. this year comes as the city is suing the federal government to keep it from taking possession of the harper health care center a ladies and gentlemen of the jury marijuana dispensary. >>> a reminde
corporate america for congress to reach a consensus before the country falls off the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama is holding nearly a week's worth of discussions with activists and business leaders from across the country. labor leaders who spent time at the white house tuesday say the president remains committed to tax breaks for the middle class and higher taxes for the wealthy. also yesterday, tech executives from dell, intel, ibm and more warned congress and the president failing to take action is "unacceptable." today he meets with the ceos of ge, walmart and other corporations. david siegel, the ceo who told his employees that some of them would face layoffs if president obama was re-elected, instead handed out 5% raises. his company, westgate resorts, enjoyed record profits this year and he says he wanted to share the wealth. not exactly upbeat about t t t ture, siegel says his employees will need those raises to deal with the impending higer costs he believes everyone will have to dure under an obama administration. a tasty piece of americana may be in jeopardy. hostess b
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